Pages panel overview

Use the Pages panel to access, organize, sort, and manage your pages and page settings.

We’re transitioning to a new UI, and are in the process of updating our Webflow University content.

The Pages panel shows you the structure of your website — your site’s pages and the folders that house those pages. Here, you can manage and organize pages, folders, and page templates and settings.

How to create a new page

You can create new blank pages in the Pages panel. To add a new page to your site:

  1. Open the Pages panel
  2. Click the “Create new page” icon
  3. Click Create new page
  4. Type a page name in the Page name field
  5. (Optional) Set page settings
  6. Click Create (or save your page as a draft)

You can also create a new page using quick find, or from a page template.

Note: Static page limits differ depending on your Site plan. Branched pages and static template pages, as well as User, Ecommerce, Collection, and Utility pages, don’t count against the static page limit.

How to manage general page settings

In Page settings, you can:

  • Name your page
  • Specify a Parent folder
  • Change the automatically generated slug if you want
  • Set the page as your site’s Homepage
  • Password protect your page to keep it private (Add a site plan to unlock password protection)
  • Save your page as a draft
  • Create your page
  • Duplicate your page
  • Delete your page

You can also set a number of other page-wide settings:

How to save your page and access page settings

When you finish setting up your page, you can choose to either create the new page, save the changes you made to a pre-existing page, or save the page as draft. Saving a page as draft ensures that the page won’t be published when you publish the site. Learn more about drafted pages.

How to duplicate or delete a page

You can duplicate a page along with all of its settings and content. You can also delete a page from your site.

Duplicating pages

Duplicating a page creates a duplicate copy of both the content and settings of your page. To duplicate a page:

  1. Open the Pages panel
  2. Hover over the page you want to duplicate
  3. Click the settings “cog” icon to open Page settings
  4. Click the “duplicate” icon
  5. Create the new page or save it as a draft

Deleting pages

You can delete a page by clicking the “trash” icon in Page settings.

Important: You cannot undo a page delete operation. The only way to restore a deleted page is to restore a site backup from the Backups tab of your Site settings. Learn more about site backups.

How to delete the homepage

You can’t delete a page that is set as the homepage. If you need to delete the homepage, first set another page as the homepage, then delete the old homepage.

Important: Make sure to set 301 redirects for any site pages you delete.

How to organize pages

You can organize pages by reordering them or placing them in folders. You can also use the page search feature to quickly locate your pages and folders.

Reordering pages

You can reorder the pages in your Pages panel. To reorder pages:

  1. Open the Pages panel
  2. Hover over the page you want to move
  3. Click the drag handle that appears to the left of the page name
  4. Drag the page to a new location in the page list using the drag handle
Note: You can only reorder static pages or folders that you create, and can only do so within the Static pages section.

Organizing pages within folders

You can organize your site pages within folders. You can create folders by opening the Pages panel and clicking the “Create new folder” icon. When you create a new folder, you can name it, give it a custom slug, and set a parent folder (if you want). You can also set password protection on a folder if you have a paid Site plan.

To add a page to a parent folder, you can:

  • Drag and drop the page inside of the parent folder
  • Open the page’s Page settings and select a Parent folder from the dropdown

To remove a page from a parent folder, you can:

  • Drag and drop the page outside the parent folder
  • Open the page’s Page settings and select None from the Parent folder dropdown

You can also add folders to or remove folders from parent folders using the steps above.

Good to know: A blue line will indicate where you’re about to place a page/folder. Dragging a page/folder over another folder will highlight the folder in blue, and dropping the page/folder on the highlighted folder will place it within that parent folder.
Important: Moving pages/folders into or out of parent folders will change the URL path of those pages/folders. If you’ve already published these pages/folders, this will result in broken links. You can redirect your pages/folders to new URLs using 301 redirects.

Searching for pages and folders

To search for a page or folder in the Pages panel

  1. Open the Pages panel
  2. Press Tab to focus on the search bar
  3. Start typing the name of a page or folder

Once you find what you’re looking for, you can open the page in the Designer or access the settings of the page or folder.

You can also search for pages using quick find. To access quick find, click Command + E (on Mac) or Control + E (on Windows).

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