Workspace billing and invoices

Learn how to manage billing and invoices for your Workspace plan.

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Good to know: Billing details are only available to the Workspace owner and Workspace admins. Learn more about Workspace roles and permissions.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to:  

  1. View your Workspace plan billing details
  2. View your Site plan subscription summary
  3. View your invoice settings
  4. View additional billing info
  5. View account balances
  6. View invoices for all Workspace and Site plans
  7. View your next bill summary
  8. View your payment card
  9. Switch your Workspace plan’s billing frequency
  10. Understand proration and refunds

View your Workspace plan billing details

To view your Workspace plan billing details, click Billing in the left sidebar. At the very top of your Workspace Billing settings, you’ll find the cost and billing frequency of the paid Workspace plan you’re using, as well as the number of seats in your Workspace.

If you need to upgrade, downgrade, or switch the billing frequency of your Workspace plan, click Update your Workspace.

View your Site plan subscription summary

Note: Site plan subscriptions are invoiced separately from your Workspace plan subscription. The Site plan subscription summary section will only appear if you have active, paid Site plans on your sites.

Go to Billing > Site plan subscription summary to get an overview of each of the Site plans you have within the current Workspace. The information for each Site plan subscription includes:

  • Site name — click this to access that specific site’s billing settings
  • Plan name — name of the active Site plan
  • Price/frequency — how much you’re paying and when (per month or per year)
  • Billing start and end dates — the date the plan was renewed and the date it will expire
  • Latest invoice — click Download to download the latest invoice for the Site plan

View your invoice settings

Note: Invoice settings only appear if you have a payment card on file.

Go to Billing > Invoice settings to view and update your invoice settings for all your Workspace purchases, including Site plans. Invoice settings include:

  • Billing email — the email address where invoices and receipts are sent. Receipts include a link to download corresponding invoices. If no billing email is added here, receipts are sent to the Workspace owner’s email address on file
  • Company billing profile — company information that appears on invoices (e.g., address, PO number, etc.)
  • Text notifications when payments fail — when enabled, you’ll receive text message notifications at your preferred phone number about any billing issues

View additional billing info

Go to Billing > Additional billing info to update your Tax ID number and check on your Sales tax exemption status. Learn more about Tax ID numbers and sales tax exemption status.

Good to know: The Tax ID number field will only appear if your billing address is in a VAT ID- or GST ID-supported country.

View your account balances

Go to Billing > Balances to view available balances for your account and bulk hosting.

For example, you might have a positive account balance if you purchased a yearly plan and downgraded to a monthly plan before your yearly plan had finished its billing cycle. The unused time on the yearly plan would be applied to your account as a credit, or a positive balance.

When making a payment for a plan, Webflow uses any available positive balance before using your active card on file.

Note: Account balance is not applied to template purchases.

View all invoices for Workspace and Site plans

Go to Billing > All invoices to view a list of all your Workspace and Site plan invoices. Your ten most recent invoices are visible by default, and you can click Show more to see additional, older invoices. The information for each invoice includes:

  • Invoice date — the date your invoice was issued
  • Invoice detail — what you were invoiced for
  • Total charged — how much you paid (or were credited)
  • Invoice — click Download PDF to download the invoice
Note: Template invoices are not included in the All invoices section. You can find your template purchases and invoices in Workspace settings > Templates.

View a summary of your next bill

Go to Billing > Next bill summary to view details about your next Site or Workspace plan payment. You’ll find information about the date and invoice number, invoiced items, any available credit that will be applied toward your total, and the invoice total. The invoice billing date also displays the number of days until the next payment attempt.

View your payment card

Go to Billing > Payment card section to manage your card on file. You can view the current card and update or remove it. Learn more about supported card types and how to update your card on file.

Note: Your payment card on file is used to pay for all subscriptions associated with your Workspace — this includes Workspace plans and Site plans.

Switch your Workspace plan’s billing frequency

You can switch the billing frequency of your Workspace plan from yearly to monthly (and vice versa) without having to cancel your current plan. Learn more about switching your Workspace plan’s billing frequency.

Understand proration and refunds

Webflow prorates plan changes (i.e., upgrades, downgrades, or billing frequency switches) based on your existing balance, credits, and how many days you have remaining in your billing cycle. Your prorated charge and credits appear at checkout. Learn more about proration and refunds.

Note: We generally do not provide refunds (please refer to section 8 of our Terms of Service), and we do not automatically issue account credit for unused time on a canceled Workspace plan.

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