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Create a shared space to collaborate in Webflow.

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Workspaces give you the option to design on your own or create a shared space to work on sites with your teammates, clients, contractors, or any other collaborators.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  1. What is a Workspace?
  2. How to create a Workspace

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is where your sites live — and where you can invite teammates, contractors, or clients to design your sites with you. You can have multiple Workspaces in your Webflow account.

Your Workspace plan helps determine the level of collaboration you need. You’ll begin with a free Starter Workspace. As your team grows or your needs scale, you can upgrade to a paid Workspace plan to add team members, increase unhosted site limits, and unlock additional features to work faster and more efficiently.

There are different types of paid Workspace plans depending on who you work with:

  • Workspaces for in-house teams (Core or Growth plans)
  • Workspaces for those building sites for clients (Freelancer or Agency plans)

For a detailed comparison of the various features available on different Workspace plans, check out our pricing page.

Important: Workspace plans do not provide hosting, and are billed separately from any Site plans you have in place. To manage your Site plans and add hosting to the sites in your Workspace, check out our guide to upgrading your Site plan, or learn more about the differences between Workspace and Site plans.

How to create a Workspace

When you sign up for Webflow, you begin with a free Starter Workspace. You are the sole member and owner of this Workspace and can create up to 2 free Starter sites (also called “unhosted sites”).

To add teammates to your Workspace, gain access to roles and permissions controls, export your code, and unlock more unhosted sites, you’ll need to upgrade your Workspace to any paid Workspace plan. For detailed information about which features are included in each Workspace plan, please refer to our pricing page.

You may want to keep your Starter Workspace for your individual work and create a new, additional Workspace to use for collaborating with teammates.

To create a new Workspace:

  1. Open your Dashboard
  2. Click the Workspaces dropdown menu in the left sidebar
  3. Click Create Workspace
  4. Give your Workspace a name
  5. Click Create your Workspace
  6. Click Add Workspace under the Workspace plan that fits your needs (from either the For in-house teams tab or the For freelancers & agencies tab)
  7. Choose the number of seats on your plan (you can always add or remove seats later if you need)
  8. Choose your plan’s billing frequency (i.e., yearly or monthly)
  9. Add your payment information
  10. (Optional) Enter a promo code if you have one
  11. Pay for your plan
Good to know: Yearly pricing lets you pay for a plan up front at a discounted rate. Paying for a plan in advance can save up to 32% compared to paying monthly. You can view the difference between annual or monthly billing by toggling Billed monthly or Billed yearly on the Workplace plan selection screen.

After you’ve successfully purchased your new Workspace plan, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard of your new Workspace.

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