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Use Learning Assistant to accelerate your design and development process.

We’re transitioning to a new UI, and are in the process of updating our Webflow University content.

You can use Learning Assistant inside the Webflow Designer to gain information or ideas when creating your site. Learning Assistant is available in the Webflow Designer by clicking the “AI Learning Assistant” icon in the left sidebar. This opens the Learning Assistant modal where you can type questions into the chat input.


Who is Learning Assistant available to?

If you’re on a Starter, Core, Growth, or Enterprise Lite Workspace plan, Learning Assistant is enabled by default on your sites. If you want to disable the Learning Assistant in your Workspace, please reach out to Support.

If you’re on an Enterprise plan, Learning Assistant is disabled by default in your Workspace. Please reach out to Support or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to enable it on your sites.

Are there any usage limits for Learning Assistant?

You can ask Learning Assistant a maximum of 100 questions every 31 days. Learning Assistant lets you know when you’re approaching the question limit and when the limit will reset.

Can Learning Assistant make mistakes?

While every effort is made to ensure Learning Assistant is accurate, it can make mistakes, so please double-check its answers for accuracy and give feedback accordingly.

How does Learning Assistant work?

Learning Assistant is a customized large language model trained on Webflow University materials.

Learning Assistant is built on top of an OpenAI model. When you ask a question, Webflow sends your question and a unique Chat ID code to the model and the model provides you a customized response based on your question. The chat ID code does not contain identifiable personal information. OpenAI does not receive identifiable personal information and does not retrain their models on the information you submit.

For example, if you ask, “How do I set up a new CMS Collection?” Webflow will send your question and a chat ID (e.g., “chat12345”) to the model and the model will provide an answer tied to that chat ID.

Does Webflow review my questions and Learning Assistant's responses?

Webflow may review your questions and the answers Learning Assistant provides. We do this to ensure the safety and accuracy of Learning Assistant and to improve Learning Assistant.

Does Webflow feed my questions back into the model?

No, Webflow does not feed your questions back into the model.

Does Learning Assistant use any other data in my Workspaces or sites?

No, Learning Assistant only uses the questions you enter into its chat input on your current site.

Should I put personal information or sensitive data into Learning Assistant?

No, we recommend you use Learning Assistant to find tips and tricks about how to use Webflow more effectively. It is best practice to avoid entering personal information or sensitive data online whenever possible.

How can I help Learning Assistant improve?

Learning Assistant improves as community members use the product. We invite you to rate responses as good or bad, and provide feedback about your conversation(s) directly in the Learning Assistant chat input.

Does Learning Assistant support languages other than English?

Currently, Learning Assistant only supports prompts and responses in English.

What terms govern my use of Learning Assistant?

Webflow’s Product Terms govern your use of Learning Assistant.

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