Webflow plans and pricing

Learn about Webflow’s paid plans.

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Webflow offers 2 main types of plans: Workspace plans for collaboration and unhosted site staging, and Site plans for hosting your site with Webflow. 

You can upgrade to paid Workspace plans to unlock advanced tools (e.g., code export, roles and permissions, increased storage for unhosted sites, etc.), and collaborate efficiently with your team and clients. You can upgrade to paid Site plans to build and host more complex sites with premium features (e.g., the ability to connect a custom domain, advanced SEO controls, additional CMS items, etc.).

In this lesson, you’ll learn about: 

  1. Workspace plans
  2. Site plans
  3. FAQ

Workspace plans 

When you or your team sign up for Webflow, you’ll begin with a free Starter Workspace, which includes all the tools you need to build responsive, powerful sites in the Webflow Designer. Each Starter Workspace lets you create 2 free Starter sites (also called “unhosted sites,” i.e., sites for which you have not purchased Site plans). 

Later, you can purchase a paid Workspace plan so you can add more seats to your Workspace and work on sites with other team members, colleagues, or clients. Paid Workspace plans also allow you to keep more unhosted sites in your Dashboard and unlock additional capabilities — like Workspace roles and permissions, site- and page-level password protection, custom code integration, and code export — for every site in your Workspace. 

Webflow has Workspace plans for teams of every size. Since Workspace plans are charged per seat, you can choose the Workspace plan that works best for you. Webflow also offers different types of Workspace plans depending on who you work with: 

  • Workspace plans for in-house teams (Core or Growth plans)
  • Workspace plans for freelancers or agencies who build sites for clients (Freelancer or Agency plans) 

Visit our pricing page for a comparison of Workspace plans and features, or learn more about Workspaces.

Site plans

Every Webflow site starts with a free Starter Site plan, which provides basic functionality for prototyping and designing your site (e.g., a staging subdomain, limited form submissions and CMS items, and backups and versioning). Each free Starter Workspace lets you create 2 free Starter sites (also called “unhosted sites”). When you need to scale your site and/or publish it to a custom domain, you can upgrade it to a paid Site plan to expand its individual site capabilities. 

Webflow offers 2 types of Site plans: 

  • Website plans for landing pages, blogs, and business websites
  • Ecommerce plans for online retailers

All paid Site plans include the ability to publish your site to a custom domain with fully-managed, secure hosting, advanced SEO controls, and more. Higher tiers allow you to receive more form submissions, create more CMS items, schedule CMS publishing, access Webflow’s REST API, and enable site search.

You can choose Site plans for individual sites based on the features you need. For example, you may want a Basic Site plan to publish a simple landing page, or an Ecommerce Site plan for an online store that requires checkout functionality. You’ll need a Site plan for each site you want to publish to a custom domain. 

Visit our pricing page for a comparison of Site plans and features, or learn more about Site plans.


What’s the difference between a Workspace plan and a Site plan? 

Workspace plans operate at the Workspace level, meaning their features affect all of the sites in your Workspace. These plans extend your collaboration capabilities in your Workspace so you, your teammates, and your clients can work on sites together. Paid Workspace plans also increase the number of free, unhosted Starter sites you can keep in your Dashboard.  

Site plans, on the other hand, work at the individual site level. Site plans allow you to publish your site to a custom domain and unlock additional site-specific features.

Do I need a Workspace plan or a Site plan? Do I need both?

It depends! If you intend to publish all your sites to a custom domain (e.g., yourdomain.com), you can just purchase Site plans for those sites and keep your free Starter Workspace plan. If you want to build more than 2 free, unhosted Starter sites (that is, sites for which you have not purchased a Site plan) or unlock additional collaboration features and advanced tools for all the sites in your Workspace, then you’ll need to upgrade your Workspace plan.

Or, if you want to build sites in Webflow and export production-ready code to host elsewhere, you’ll need a paid Workspace plan to unlock code export functionality. This lets you keep more free, unhosted Starter sites in your Dashboard — but you won’t need to purchase Site plans for those sites, since you’ll be hosting those sites elsewhere.

How many Workspaces can I have? 

You can create as many paid Workspaces as you want, but you can only have 1 free Starter Workspace at a time. 

How many sites can I create? 

You can have an unlimited number of hosted sites (i.e., sites for which you have purchased a Site plan) on any Workspace plan. However, each Workspace plan tier differs in the number of free, unhosted Starter sites they support. Check out our pricing page for a comparison of each Workspace plan and the number of Starter sites they support