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Page URLs

An overview of reserved slugs and how to change your URLs in the Pages panel.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

From the Pages panel, you can manage your page’s general information, SEO, page URLs, and other settings. Let’s look at your URL options and reserved slugs for each of the page types.

In this lesson:

  1. Static pages
  2. Folders
  3. Dynamic pages
  4. Utility pages

Static pages

You can create any static page in the Pages panel. Every project comes with a Home page, but you can add more pages (e.g., About, Contact, Team). The name you give that new static page will also be the URL (e.g., If you want to change that URL, you can do that in the Slug field in the page’s settings.

There are a few slugs reserved (slugs you can’t use) to prevent duplication. Duplicate slugs cause redirect issues and bad analytics. If you try to use a reserved slug, you’ll get a warning.

There are 2 reserved slugs for our Utility pages:

  1. 404
  2. Search

On the Ecommerce site plan, there are 3 reserved slugs a static page can’t use:

  1. Checkout
  2. Paypal checkout
  3. Order confirmation


You can create folders to organize pages that fall under the same category. For example, if you have several different project pages you want to style separately, you can create a folder called "Project" and nest your individual project pages inside. 

To create a Folder:

  1. Go to the Pages panel
  2. Click Create new folder 
  3. Name and create your folder 

Folders can’t have the same URL as a Collection. If you already have a Collection named “Project,” then a Folder cannot have the URL named “Project.”

On the Ecommerce site plan, there are 2 reserved slugs you can’t use for a folder:

  1. Product
  2. Category

Dynamic pages

The Webflow CMS gives us database powers. With the CMS, you can use dynamic content anywhere in your project. This starts with creating a Collection. It can be a collection of blog posts, team members, job postings — anything you want.

Like Folders, if Ecommerce is enabled, there are 2 reserved slugs a Collection can’t use:

  1. Product
  2. Category

Utility pages

Utility pages are the pages that come with each project. This includes the 404 page and the Search page. These special Utility pages can have their page name changed, but their URL is set for each project.

URLs for static pages should avoid 404 or Search.
Learn more about Site search and 404.

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