404 error page

Access and design your site's 404 pages.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

When you visit a website that doesn’t exist or couldn't be found on the server because the webpage was moved or deleted, the broken link redirects to a 404 error page where a message indicating this error is shown.

The 404 page of each project is located under the the Utility Pages section of the Pages Panel.

The 404 page link is highlighted under the Utility Pages section.

Creating a custom 404 page

You can customize the default 404 page of your site and design it as you like.

The default 404 page of any new project includes a large file exclamation point icon, a text block with text "Page Not Found" and a message for the user.
The default 404 page of any project. You can customize it anyway you like.
Pro tip

Testing your 404 page

You can test your 404 page by opening a new browser tab and entering a URL from your site that does not exist like “your-site.webflow.io/does-not-exist”.

Pro tip
  • ‍When you delete a webpage or if you decide to change the url (slug) of a webpage, you should set a 301 redirect to redirect visitors of the old url to the new one. This will prevent site visitors from landing on a 404 page. Learn how to set 301 redirects.