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Set a default domain

Set a default domain that redirects all traffic to a specific domain.

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The default domain is the domain you want to redirect other domains to. These other domains can be your old domains (to redirect to or variations of your new domain — a simple example is redirecting your root domain ( to your full domain (

In this lesson:

  1. Glossary
  2. Set a default domain
  3. Fix the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error
  4. Redirect your old domain to a new domain


Root domain

A root domain is the domain you purchase from a registrar. It is the simplest form of your domains URL: or or


A subdomain is the part in front of the root domain like the "www" in front of or the word "blog" in front of

Default domain

A default domain is where you want someone to end up regardless of what they type in the address bar of their browser. If you set the WWW version as your default, that means visiting will take you to

Set a default domain

First, make sure you've added and connected all your domains in your Projects settings. Learn how to connect your domains.

If you've connected more than one domain, you'll need to set a default domain to redirect all traffic from the other domains to this default one. This is super helpful to avoid SEO issues due to duplicate content.

Go to the Custom domain section of your project’s Hosting settings and click make default next to the domain you want to set as the default domain.

The custom domains section includes two domains. The first domain is currently the default domain. The second domain can be made the default by clicking the "Make Default" (highlighted) button.


The default domain on SSL must be served on a domain that has a CNAME record. So, most probably, you'll need to set the full domain ( as the default domain. To set the root domain as the default, check Setting the root domain as the default domain.

If you've set the incorrect domain as the default domain, when you visit your domain, you'll see the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error. To fix this issue, make sure to set the full domain ( as the default domain and republish your site.

Read more about this error in our dedicated lesson.

Redirect your old domain to a new domain

Setting a default domain is also a great way to redirect any old domain names to new ones. Just connect all your domains, old and new, and then set one of the new domains as the default domain and publish to the default domain.

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