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Set the root domain as the default domain on SSL hosting

Redirect your site traffic to the root domain on SSL hosting.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
Note: using the root domain (e.g. requires CNAME flattening. This process is different than connecting your custom domain and using the subdomain (e.g. the www in CNAME flattening does not use A records.

If your DNS provider offers CNAME flattening [↗], ALIAS or ANAME records, you can choose to redirect all traffic to your site to your root domain ( on SSL hosting. DNS providers such as the following allow you to point root domains to a CNAME/ANAME /ALIAS record:

If your DNS provider doesn't allow you to point the root domain to a CNAME/ANAME /ALIAS record, you must set the full domain ( as the default domain if you wish to enable SSL. Read about connecting a custom domain.

Contact your DNS host to find out if they provides the CNAME flattening service.
To set SSL on the root domain, follow these steps:
  1. ‍Update your DNS settings
  2. Set the default domain
  3. ‍Verify the domain and publish the site

Update your DNS settings

Access your domain's DNS settings, and add two records:

  • An ANAME or CNAME record for the root domain (host: @)
  • A CNAME record for the www subdomain

Add ANAME or CNAME record for the root domain (host: @)

  • Add an ANAME or a CNAME record
  • Set the host to @
  • Set the value to:

Add a CNAME record for the "www" subdomain

  • Add a CNAME record
  • Set the host to www
  • Set the value to:
I can't set www as the host!

Some DNS hosting services prefer that you set the full domain as the host instead of www. We recommend that you check the "Adding a CNAME record" documentation of your DNS host.

Need to know about Cloudflare setup: When setting up your domain with Cloudflare, be sure to switch the orange cloud under status to just DNS (greyed out).

Set the default domain

Now, go back to the custom domain section of your project’s Hosting tab and click the home icon next to the root domain to set it as the default domain. Learn more about setting the default domain.

Verify the domain and publish the site

To verify that your DNS settings are correct, and that your domain is correctly pointing to Webflow, click check status under each of your domain names.

The final step is to simply publish your website. You should see your new custom domain in the publish dialog.

It may take up to 48 hours before changes are successfully made from your DNS host.

If your domain is not working correctly after 48 hours, contact your domain provider’s helpdesk.

If you experience a redirect loop or see a "too many redirects" error message, read more about the error and how to fix it in our related article.

If your DNS settings are correct, but you’re experiencing issues with your published site, contact us and we’ll help you resolve any issues.

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