Use the Webflow Dashboard to access, create, and manage your sites.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

From your Dashboard, you can access, create, and manage your sites.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

About your Dashboard

When you sign up for a Webflow account, you’ll be taken to your first Starter Workspace where you can begin creating sites.

Welcome to your Workspace Dashboard!

If you’re part of multiple Workspaces, you’ll have additional, separate Dashboards for each Workspace.

In each of your Workspace Dashboards, you'll see that Workspace’s sites. 

Switch between Workspace Dashboards

You can switch between your Workspace Dashboards from the Workspace dropdown menu.

You can switch between Workspaces to access sites in each Workspace’s Dashboard.

From the Workspace dropdown menu, you can even create a new Workspace. Learn more about how to create a new Workspace.

Dashboard requirements: supported browsers

Webflow officially supports the Designer on the last 3 major versions of all modern browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

The degree of browser support depends upon features used (e.g., filter has partial support in Edge). For features that have limited support in some browsers, additional details can be found in their associated articles:

Webflow does not support Internet Explorer. While sites made in Webflow will continue to support all industry standard features supported in modern web browsers, we cannot guarantee that sites will function correctly in Internet Explorer. Learn more about sunsetting Internet Explorer support.

Pro tip: You can determine your browser and operating system version with What’s My Browser.

How to create sites

To create a new Webflow site, click the New site button in the upper right of your Dashboard.‍

Create a new site by clicking the “New site” button in the top right corner of the Dashboard.

You can choose to create a blank site, where you can design and develop from scratch. Or, if you prefer, you can start with a template. Learn more about templates.

How to organize sites

When you have a number of sites in your Dashboard, you can sort them using preset sort options, organize them in folders, and filter or search for them using the search bar.

Sort sites

By default, your sites are sorted by date created. You can also sort them alphabetically or by last modified.

In your Workspace Dashboard, you can sort your sites and each site folder by date created, alphabetically, or by last modified.

Organize sites in folders

You can also organize your sites within folders in your Dashboard. Let’s walk through how you can: 

Create folders

You can create a folder by clicking the “folder” icon and giving the new folder a name.

Click the folder icon to create a new folder. You can organize your sites into folders.

Move sites to folders

You can move your site into a folder from the site menu:

  1. Click the 3 disclosure dots on the site you want to move into a folder
  2. Choose Move to folder
  3. Select the folder you want to move the site to (or create a new folder)
  4. Click Move site
Good to know: You can also create sites right inside a folder. Click on the folder to open it, and create a new site. This will automatically add the site inside that folder.

Delete folders

You can delete any folder at any time by opening the folder and clicking the “trash” icon.

Don’t worry; your sites are safe! When you delete a folder, all sites within that folder move to All Sites, the main area of your Dashboard.

Search for a site

You can search within the Dashboard if you have a lot of sites. The search functionality also searches within folders. 

Good to know: To search for sites within another Workspace you’re a part of, switch your Workspace first.
Use the search bar to quickly locate sites in your Dashboard.

How to manage sites from the site thumbnail

In the Dashboard, each of your sites is represented with a thumbnail and some useful details about your site.

A site’s thumbnail in the Dashboard is pictured.
Good to know: The “rocket” icon under the site’s thumbnail lets you quickly see which sites are published or not. Hover over the icon to learn more about when the site was last published.

Open your site in the Designer

To open the site in the Designer, click on the thumbnail and get creative with your designs!

Click the site thumbnail to immediately open your site in the Designer.
Pro tip: You can open a number of sites in the Designer at once. Command + click (on Mac) or Control + click (on Windows) to load up the Designer for each site in a separate browser tab, which is helpful if you want to compare sites, or copy/paste across them.

Manage your site from the site menu

The site menu lets you quickly:

Click the 3 disclosure dots on a site to open the site’s menu and quickly manage your site.

Site thumbnails

Thumbnail images are automatically generated for your sites in your Dashboard. They are updated each time you publish your site to your .webflow.io subdomain.

Reset inaccurate site thumbnails

If your site’s thumbnail image is inaccurate, unpublish your site from the .webflow.io subdomain and publish it again. Hard-refresh the Dashboard to see the updated thumbnail — Shift + Command + R (on Mac) and Shift + Control + R (on Windows).