Sort Collection lists

Learn how to sort items in Collection lists.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

You can specify the sort order of collection lists based on a specific field or fields. For example, you may want to sort a “Latest news” collection list by a date field. Or, you may want to sort a collection list of artists by their name. Or, you may want a limited collection list to display "quote of the day" randomly.

In this lesson
  1. Adding sort order to a list
  2. Adding multiple sort orders
  3. Deleting sort order settings

Adding sort order to a list

With your collection list selected, go to the Element settings panel, and add [+] a sort order under the Collection list settings.

Add a sort order rule to a list

Sort order rules

Different rules will be be available for each field type.

Alphabetical (A-Z) / reverse-alphabetical (Z-A)

For sorting plain text fields, option fields, references or any other fields that are text-based.

Smallest to largest / largest to smallest

For sorting number fields.

Oldest to newest or newest to oldest

For sorting any date field.

Is ON first / Is OFF first

For sorting by switch fields.

Random Order

This will randomize the order of a list every 12 hours.

Adding multiple sort orders

You can add multiple sort orders. The collection list will be sorted first by the first sort order rule than by the second and so on. For example, a “Team members” list can be sorted by an “Employee of the month” switch field first and then can be sorted randomly after that.

Deleting sort order settings

You can delete applied sort order by clicking on the trash can icon next to the sort order.

Delete a sort order rule
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