Fix failed credit card payments

Fix failed credit card payments.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

Your payment may be declined for various reasons such as insufficient funds, inaccurate card info, expired or blocked card, or blocked service. You’ll need to identify the reason and fix the issue so a subsequent payment attempt will not fail. In this lesson, we talk about some of the most common reasons and how to fix them.


To troubleshoot your payment, check the following:

  • You're using a payment method we support
  • You've completed any additional required authentication
  • Your card isn’t expired
  • Your card has enough funds
  • You haven’t exceeded your card’s daily limit
  • Your billing address matches that of the card on file
  • The email address you provided is correct

Then try to pay again:

  • Try again after a few hours
  • Try using another browser
  • Try on another device
  • Try using another card

Your card info isn’t accurate or your card has expired

Check your card’s expiry date. If it’s past due, request a new card from your bank and/or change the card on file.

If you’ve recently updated your card details in your billing settings, it might be that you’ve mistyped some information. Update your card details again and ensure that all the info you’ve provided is accurate.

Learn more: Updating your card details

Your card has insufficient funds

If your card has insufficient funds, just top the card, pay your card bill, or add funds to your account so the next payment attempt can go through. No need to make any changes in your Webflow settings.

Your card was blocked because it got stolen or lost

If your card was stolen or lost and you’ve blocked it, make sure to update your card on file with a new valid and active card.

Learn more: Updating your card details

None of the above, what should I do?

Even if all of your card information is correct and you've made previous payments to Webflow, a future charge can still be declined by a bank's fraud systems. When we submit a charge to your bank, they have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. These systems take various signals into account, such as your spending habits, account balance, and card information like the expiration date and CVC. If you’ve double checked that all of the entered information is correct and you are still unable to make a payment, reach out to your banking institution and ask if there are any restrictions on your card. If the issue is still not resolved, try another card.

Need to know
If your card works with other services but not Webflow, make sure to mention this to your bank so they check and remove any restrictions on your card.

Common questions

I updated my card, can I initiate or request a payment attempt?

Updating your card prompts an immediate payment attempt. If the card is valid, the payment will go through and you’ll receive an email of your receipt. If not, subsequent payment attempts will be made 4 times within 30 days.

How can I reactivate my plan?

Once you’ve sorted out the issue with the failed payment and updated your card on file with a valid card, you can add a new account plan or site plan to any site you want to host.


How soon until my subscription expires if I can’t pay on time?

On payment due day, when the system fails to process a payment, you’ll receive an email or SMS notification informing you about the failed payment. After 7 days, a second attempt is made and if the payment fails again, a second notification is sent. The process repeats again in intervals of 7 days. After the fourth failed attempt, the subscription or subscriptions are canceled. For failed site plan payments, the site is unpublished.

We do not offer additional extensions for outstanding payments on top of the auto-renewal grace period we already provide. Your plan will expire 28 days after a payment is due and payment has not been received.

I don't need my plans. What should I do to stop being charged?

If you no longer need your Account plan, cancel the plan from your Account billing settings.

If you no longer need your Team plan, you'll need to delete or transfer all projects to another dashboard before you can cancel the Team plan in your Team billing settings.

If you no longer need a Site plan, cancel the plan from your project billing settings. This will immediately unpublish your site and remove the custom domains.

I don’t need my account plan, but I want to keep my site plans. What should I do?

If you no longer need your Account plan, cancel the plan from your Account billing settings. Site plans will not be canceled and your sites won’t be affected. You can keep unlimited hosted projects in your free Account plan.

Pro tip
If you wish to keep some plans and not renew others, make sure to cancel the plans you don’t need before updating your card.
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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!