Customize ecommerce emails

Learn how to customize and preview your store’s email branding and language.

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In this lesson:

  1. Control who receives notifications
  2. Customize your ecommerce emails
  3. Preview and test your store’s email design
  4. Resend order confirmation email

Control who receives notifications

Specify who receives emails about new orders on your Webflow Ecommerce site. If you’re a business owner, you can secure the details of every order by sending new order notifications to the right people on your team. You can include anyone with a valid email address — even a contact group. If you’ve built the site for a client, this helps avoid an inbox flooded with extraneous emails.

The order received section is displayed with two roles receiving notifications. The additional email recipients field is empty.

Head to the notifications tab of your Ecommerce settings to choose or input who should receive each new order notification.

Customize your Ecommerce emails

Customize the look of your Ecommerce emails by editing the email settings and templates under Settings (left panel) > Email.

Steps 1 and 2 are highlighted on the settings panel.
Email design

Here, you can upload your Brand logo, set your Brand accent color, and choose the Background color of your emails. 

To remove the Webflow branding from the footer of your emails, you’ll need an Ecommerce plus or Advanced site plan.

Ecommerce emails

You can also customize the labels and other text strings in Ecommerce email templates received by the store owner and manager(s) and those received by customers. You can use dynamic fields such as "customer name", "store name", "store URL", or "store owner name" to populate your email subject and other variables.

Order and Download labels listed in the ecommerce emails settings menu.

Learn more about customizing email for digital downloads or subscriptions.

Preview and test your store’s email design

Once you’ve customized your email templates and design, you can preview each design with your store’s product.  From the left tool bar > Settings > Email > click the email you want to preview.

An ecommerch store email preview with three items ordered. The payment breakdown information is included in the email. Order details are also included in this preview.

You can also send a test email to see the final look of each template. Make sure to save your changes.

The send test email button is highlighted on the Ecommerce emails settings panel.

Resend order confirmation email

You can now quickly and easily resend an order’s confirmation email to customers right from each order detail page in the order manager. 

The resend order confirmation button is highlighted on the dropdown menu inside of the Purchase details page. Resend order downloads is also a part of the dropdown menu.

Select the Resend order confirmation option in the detail page of each order.

Learn more about resending a download email for digital downloads.

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