Save & restore backups

Learn how to create backup points and restore previously saved versions of your Webflow project.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

Webflow automatically creates backups. If you're on the free Starter plan, you can restore any of the last 2 backups. If you're hosting the site with Webflow or have a premium account plan, you have unlimited backups.

In this lesson:
  1. Save a backup
  2. Preview and restore backup versions
Important: When you perform a restore from a backup, all CMS Collection and item IDs will refresh. This refresh will affect API calls and third-party connections that use Collection or item IDs. You will need to reconnect them to the refreshed items. Please make sure you want to perform this action before restoring from backup.

Save a backup

Restore points are created automatically on every 20th auto-save and when restoring to a previous version.

Important: Before you manually create a backup restore point, make sure you see the green checkmark near the top right of the Designer to confirm the changes you want to be part of the backup are saved.

To manually create a backup restore point in the Designer:

  1. Click Command + Shift + S (on Mac) or Control + Shift + S (on Windows)
  2. Add a Description (to help you identify this backup version in your backups list)
  3. Save and close 

Preview and restore backup versions

You can access your project backups from the Project settings > Backups. Here, you can preview any backup to make sure you're restoring the right version.

Just in case, Webflow saves the current version of your project when you restore to a previous version. And, images and other assets are saved and restored with a backup.

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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!