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Use the YouTube video element to embed a video from a YouTube URL — gain access to display options offered by YouTube’s embed feature.

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The YouTube video element lets you embed a video from a YouTube URL and gives you all the display options offered by YouTube’s embed feature, including the ability to show related videos from a channel, set a specific start time, show or hide video controls, and more.

Adding a YouTube video element

You can add a YouTube video element from the Add panel or using Quick find (CMD/CTRL+E).

YouTube settings

Once you place a YouTube video element onto your page, you’ll have access to the YouTube settings. Here, you can add your YouTube video and define the following parameters:


Paste your YouTube link, press enter, and wait for the video to load on your page.

Start at — default: start=0

If you want your video to start playing from a specific point, type in the start time in the following format: mm:ss or hh:mm:ss.

Mute — default: mute=0

Choose to play your video with or without sound. By default, videos are unmuted.

Autoplay — default: autoplay=0

Check this option if you want your video to play automatically when the player loads.

Note that autoplay is limited by certain browsers and may require "mute" to be enabled as well.
Show player controls — default: controls=1

Uncheck this option to hide the player controls. By default, your YouTube player controls will be shown when the video is playing or paused .

Privacy mode

Privacy Enhanced Mode allows you to embed YouTube videos without using cookies that track viewing behavior. You need to turn this on to meet data protection regulation requirements. Your video will be served from

Limit related videos to same channel — default: controls=1

The player will show related videos when the embedded YouTube video finishes playing or is paused. By default, these videos will come from the same channel as the embedded video. You can uncheck this option if you want related content to be suggested from other channels as well. Learn more about the "rel" parameter.

For developers
If you want to embed a custom YouTube player using the embed element instead, check out YouTube's documentation defining the parameters available in the embedded player.

Setting dimensions of a YouTube video

A YouTube video element will take up the full width of its parent element and keep its aspect ratio. If you want to set a custom width to your YouTube video, drop it in a div block with the specific width you want the video to have.

YouTube video element vs video element

You can use both the video element and the YouTube video element to embed YouTube videos.

You can use a video element if you simply want to embed a YouTube video without defining any advanced parameters.

As explained above, the YouTube element gives you more control over how your video looks and how it plays.

The YouTube element cannot be connected to CMS fields.

YouTube videos in rich text

You can embed YouTube videos in a rich text element or a rich text field using the video or rich media embed options available in the plus (+) menu that appears when your text cursor is on a new line in the rich text editor.

You can embed a YouTube video with a start time. If you want to specify the start time manually, append "?t=#" at the end of the video URL, replacing "#" with the time in seconds:

  • ?t=3 – the video will start at 0:03
  • ?t=30 – the video will start at 0:30
  • ?t=300 – the video will start at 5:00
Note that you won't have the other advanced YouTube controls when embedding YouTube vidoes in rich texts.

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