Webflow billing

Get an overview of Webflow billing, including Workspaces billing and site plan billing.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

When you first subscribe to any paid Webflow Workspace plan or Site plan, we ask you to provide a payment method to complete your purchase. This card is stored in your Workspace’s billing tab and used for all future payments for subscriptions within your Workspace, including any paid Workspace plans and paid Site plans added to sites in your Dashboard.

In this lesson, we’ll go through:

  1. Workspace billing
  2. Site plan billing
  3. Common questions

Workspace billing

Your Workspace billing settings allow you to access all your billing and invoicing information, the active card on file, account balances, details about your Workspace plan subscription, and any Site plan subscriptions that you have within your Workspace.

Learn more about Workspace billing.

Site plan billing

You can create sites in your Workspace Dashboard. Once you decide you’re ready to host a site, you can add a Site plan and publish it on your custom domain. By default, the card on file for your Workspace will be used to pay for your Site plan subscription. 

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Common questions

Are Webflow plans auto-renewed?

Any paid Webflow plan is auto-renewed at the end of each billing cycle (e.g., at the end of the month or at the end of the year). Therefore, when you subscribe to a paid plan, you automatically activate a recurring payment for that plan.

Can I stop a plan from auto-renewing?

The short answer is yes, you can stop a plan from auto-renewing. Let’s walk through how this works for: 

Workspace plans

At any time, you can cancel auto-renewal of a paid Workspace plan by downgrading your paid plan to a free Starter Workspace plan. The paid Workspace plan will remain active until the end of its billing cycle. 

Site plans

At any time, you can cancel auto-renewal of a paid Site plan by downgrading your paid plan to a free Starter Site plan. Downgrading to a Starter Site plan will immediately cancel the hosting and unpublish your site

What does an open invoice status mean?

If you view an invoice for either a Workspace plan or a Site plan, you can check its status. An “open” status means the invoice is finalized and is awaiting your payment. 

A “paid” status means you have successfully paid that invoice. 

Good to know: If a payment has been attempted but was unsuccessful, your invoice will continue to show an “open” status.

Can I delete my Webflow account?

Yes, you can delete your Webflow account from your Profile settings > Security tab.

All Site plans and paid Workspace plans must be canceled in order to delete your account. If you're still unable to delete your account after canceling all your plans, contact support and they'll walk you through the account deletion process.

Does Webflow provide refunds?

We generally do not provide refunds (please refer to section 9 of our Terms of Service), and we do not automatically issue account credit for unused time on a paid Site plan that’s been downgraded to a Starter Site plan. However, we understand mistakes sometimes happen. If you feel you have canceled your Workspace plan or Site plan in error, contact customer support and they can evaluate whether you are eligible for an account credit, a promo code, or a refund.