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Webflow billing

Get an overview of Webflow billing: Account and Team billing, Project and Client billing.

Note: We’re transitioning to Workspaces, and are in the process of updating our content. Visit the Workspaces blog post to read more about these updates and changes, or visit our updated lesson on Webflow billing. You can also learn how to check if your account is on Workspaces.
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

When you first subscribe to any paid Webflow account plan or any Site plan, we ask you to provide a payment method to complete the purchase. This card will be stored and used for all your future payments on that individual or team account.

In this topic

In the lessons of this topic, we cover everything related to billing and invoicing. In this lesson, we explain the difference between the various billing settings and tools that Webflow provides:

  1. Account billing
  2. Team billing
  3. Project billing

Account billing

Your Account billing settings allow you to access all your billing & invoicing information, the active card on file, details about your account plan subscription and any Site plan subscriptions that you have on that individual account.

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Team billing

Team billing is separate than your individual account billing. If you own a team plan, you can see and manage all the billing and invoicing information related to your team plan in your team billing settings. Here, you can also update the payment card with which you pay for your team account plan subscription and for any Site plans on that team account.

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Project billing

You can create projects in your individual account dashboard or your team dashboard. Once you decide to host a project, you can add a Site plan and publish your project on your custom domain. By default, the card on file will be used to pay for your Site plan subscription. So, if your project is in your personal account dashboard, your card will be used to pay for the plan. If it’s in a team dashboard, the card on file in the team billing settings will be charged instead.

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Common questions

Are Webflow plans auto-renewed?

Any Webflow plan is auto-renewed at the end of each billing cycle (month or year). So, when you subscribe to any plan, you automatically activate a recurring payment for the plan.

Can I stop a plan from auto-renewing?

You can only cancel auto-renewal of Account plans by canceling the subscription at any time. The Account plan will remain active until the end of the billing cycle. Canceling a Site plan will immediately cancel the hosting and unpublish your site. To cancel a team plan, you'll need to delete or transfer all projects to another dashboard.

What does an open invoice status mean?

If you view an invoice for a plan, you can check its status. An “open” status means the invoice is finalized and is awaiting your payment. 

A “paid” status means you have successfully paid that invoice. 

Good to know: If a payment has been attempted but was unsuccessful, your invoice will continue to show an “open” status.

Can I delete my Webflow account?

Yes, you can delete your Webflow account from your account settings → security page.

All Site plans and account plans including team plans must be canceled in order to delete your account. If you're still unable to delete your account after canceling all your plans, contact support and they'll walk you through the account deletion process.

Does Webflow provide refunds?

We do not provide refunds,  please refer to section 9 of our Terms of Service. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us.

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