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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Set up two-factor authentication on your Webflow account and recover lost codes.

Note: We’re transitioning to Workspaces, and are in the process of updating our content. Visit the Workspaces blog post to read more about these updates and changes, or visit our updated lesson on two-factor authentication. You can also learn how to check if your account is on Workspaces.
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

Two-factor authentication gives your account an extra layer of security by requiring two authentication items: ① your account password and ② a unique authentication code.

In this lesson
  1. Setting up two-factor authentication
  2. Logging in with two-factor authentication
  3. Retrieving a lost authentication code‍
  4. Disabling two-factor authentication

Setting up two-factor authentication

Head to account settings → security, and enable Two-factor authentication to get started.

Enable two-factor authentication under the Security tab of your Webflow account settings.

Follow the steps on your screen to set up your 2fa. You'll:

  1. install a two-factor authentication app
  2. scan the QR code
  3. save your secure backup codes — you won't see them again!
  4. enter your authentication code
  5. confirm and complete the setup
Need to known
The Authenticator app generates a timed, single-use six-digit token every 30 seconds. Any expired code will not authenticate the login.
We'll provide you with 8 backup codes that you'll only see when setting up the 2fa. Make sure to copy and save them in a secure place. Each backup code expires after one use. To generate new backup codes, disable 2fa and then re-enable it.
If you run out of backup codes or lose them, you will need to contact customer support to disable 2fa.

Logging in with two-factor authentication

Next time you log in to Webflow, we'll detect that you have two-factor authentication set up, then prompt you to enter your current 2fa code. To access the latest version of your authentication code, open up your Authenticator app and check under your Webflow listing.

Upon log in, you'll need to enter your current authentication code.
Enter your Webflow authentication code to log in
Troubleshooting — retrieving a lost authentication code
If you've lost your 2-factor device, or are unable to retrieve your code, you can use one of your backup codes. If you've run out of backup codes or lost them, you will need to contact customer support to disable 2fa.

Disabling two-factor authentication

To disable two-factor authentication, head back to account settings → security → two-factor authentication and click "Want to disable it?". Then, enter your current authentication code and confirm it to disable 2fa.

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