Sync products to Facebook Catalog Manager

Generate a product data feed and sync products to Facebook Catalog Manager.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

Integrating your store’s product set to Facebook’s Catalog Manager [↗] lets you keep product data, images, inventory availability, and more in sync as you run advertisements and posts on Facebook and Instagram.

In this lesson
  1. Generate a data feed to sync inventory with Facebook
  2. Connect the data feed to your Facebook product catalog
  3. Use your product feed to run ads

Generate a data feed to sync inventory with Facebook

Turn on the Facebook integration in your ecommerce settings, copy the URL of the data feed, then save and close the integration settings. You can find this URL in the Designer and in the Editor, under your Ecommerce settings.

Generate a product data feed to sync your inventory with Facebook.
‍In the Designer: Settings →  Ecommerce → Integrations → Facebook
Must know:
If you do not save your settings in Webflow, the data feed will fail to sync products to Facebook.

Connect the data feed to your Facebook product catalog

If you don’t already have a Facebook product catalog, create a product catalog in Facebook Business Manager. As you’re creating the catalog, they’ll ask you how you’d like to add products. Choose the “Upload product info” option.


Add a new data source

Once you’ve created your catalog, go to the “Product Data Sources” section and “Add Data Source.” Choose the “Use Data Feeds” option to import products.

Use data feeds to add products to your Facebook Catalog

Paste your data feed URL

On the following screen, choose “set a schedule” and paste the data feed URL you copied from your Webflow Ecommerce settings. Then set a schedule based on how frequently you’d like Facebook to check Webflow for updated product set. Wait for upload, then review your products.

Set a schedule to sync your products to Facebook.
Need to know:
Sometimes products missing fields can result in failed imports. To learn more about errors on import, check the “Diagnostics” tab.

Use your product feed to run ads

Follow Facebook’s instructions to create “Dynamic ads” for existing audience, and/or ads to drive traffic for new audiences. You can also integrate this product catalog with your Instagram Business profile to tag products in posts and appear in the shopping section of Instagram.


Must know:
Because the data feed doesn't include the product inventory, it can't be used to create a Facebook shop as the shop relies on this inventory.