Editor branding

Learn how to whitelabel your CMS Editor with your own branding.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

By default, the Editor is branded with the Webflow logo. For CMS sites, you can white-label the Editor with your own branding if you have a Pro plan or a Team plan.

The Editor tool bar from left to right includes a brand logo, three text links and three icon links. The three text links are Pages, collections and forms. The three icon links are settings, help & support and log out.
Whitelabeling the Editor is not supported for Ecommerce sites.

Upload your own Editor branding logo

To upload your own logo to label the Webflow Editor, go to your Project Settings > Editor > Branding, and Upload the logo of your company.

The branding section includes a logo preview, a blue upload logo button, image size and format instructions.

Reset or replace the Editor branding

At any time, you can Reset the logo to the default Webflow logo. Or, you can Replace your custom logo with a different one.

The branding section with an uploaded logo. The blue replace logo and the light gray reset logo buttons are highlighted.
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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!