Connect your domain to Webflow

Reset your DNS settings and connect your previously hosted domain to Webflow.

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Webflow is not a domain registrar (i.e., it doesn't sell domains), so, you can’t transfer your domain to Webflow. However, you can connect any domain you own to a Webflow site by pointing that domain to the Webflow servers using our DNS records. Connecting your domain to Webflow keeps your domain with your current registrar (e.g., GoDaddy, Google, etc.) while pointing it to your Webflow site.

Prepare your domain to point it to Webflow

To connect a domain that was previously hosted on another platform, please follow the steps below to reset your DNS settings before connecting your domain to Webflow. This helps minimize and even eliminate any issue or conflicts that might require troubleshooting DNS settings later.

If your domain registrar allows you to manage DNS records

If your have access to the DNS settings of your domain, before pointing your domain to Webflow, make sure to:

  1. Take a screenshot of your old records as backup.
  2. Set the nameservers of your domain to use the default nameservers of your registrar or DNS host if they are set to custom. For support, contact your registrar’s helpdesk or see their help documentation on nameservers.
  3. Remove all A records on the root domain (host @ or
  4. Remove all CNAME records on the full domain (host www or www. Or
  5. Remove all CNAME records on any subdomain you want to point to Webflow (ex. Host blog or blog. Or
Just be sure to replace in the examples above with the actual name of your domain.

Now, you can point your domain to Webflow and connect it to a Webflow site.

If your domain registrar doesn’t allows you to manage DNS records

Some domain registrars do not provide DNS hosting services — they don’t allow you to create DNS records. They only allow you to set custom nameservers — also called name servers or NS records.

Since Webflow hosting doesn’t need custom nameservers, and if your domain provider doesn’t allow you to create DNS records, you can either:

  • Transfer your domain to another registrar that provides DNS hosting
  • Point your domain’s nameservers to another registrar that provides DNS hosting

Then, from this second DNS host’s dashboard, you can connect your domain to Webflow.

​If you need more help with either step, check the documentation of your current registrar and the registrar where you want to transfer or point your domain to. You can always reach out to their support help desk for assistance.

Updating DNS settings

Every DNS host has their own way of updating DNS settings and, unfortunately, their dashboard interfaces usually aren't the most intuitive. We recommend that you read the help documentation of your DNS host, also do not hesitate to contact their support for help with their interface and settings.

Find domain registrars and links to their DNS setting documentation.

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