Legible paragraphs using the CH unit

Use the character unit to limit the number of characters per line in a text element.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

The CH unit (character unit) lets us set the maximum width on text elements (e.g., headings or paragraphs) by limiting the number of characters (including spaces) per line. This constrains text to a smaller area and prevents eye strain associated with reading back and forth across the screen for each line of text.

The CH unit is equal to the number of zeros in a particular font (e.g., 10ch in Times New Roman font will limit the width of a text element to be equal to the width of 10 Times New Roman zeros).

The difference in width of 10ch in Times New Roman font versus Verdana font is visualized by showing 10 zeros in a line in each font. Verdana font’s zeros are wider so it has a greater width.

To set the CH unit:

  1. Select a text element (e.g., a heading, paragraph, etc.)
  2. Open Style panel > Size
  3. Type the CH unit in Max W (e.g., 60ch)
  4. Press Enter

Learn more about the CH unit in our lesson on Typography.

Cheers! You are the champion of changing CH!