Troubleshooting a slow/laggy Designer

There are a few issues that can slow down the Webflow Designer, but they can usually be fixed by taking the following steps.

Step 1: Check your internet connection

Webflow runs smoothly even with a slower internet connection. To be sure that internet speed isn’t an issue, double check your internet connection and verify your signal strength. How do I test my internet connection?

Step 2: Check any browser extensions

Some browser extensions may cause performance issues when using the Webflow Designer. How can I troubleshoot my browser extensions?

Step 3: Clear out any unused styles

Sometimes sites with a lot of styles cause the Designer to run slowly. Clear unused styles from the Style Manager tab and try to limit the number of styles you use.

Step 4: Optimize your images

Sites with a lot of heavy images can slow down any website, including the Designer. If your site images are getting too heavy, you’ll likely see performance issues in the Designer as well. Google’s Image Optimization Cheat Sheet