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Restore previously saved backups of your Webflow site by using the built-in Backups feature.

If you're on the free Starter plan, you can restore any of the last 2 backups. If you're hosting the site with Webflow or have any premium account plan, you have unlimited backups.

Saving a backup

You can create a backup restore point for your site when you're in the Designer by pressing ⌘+Shift+S (or Ctrl+Shift+S on Windows), then save and close. Optionally, you can add a description that can help you identify this backup version in your backups list before you save your backup.

Add a description and save a backupof your site
Good to know: Restore points are also created automatically on every 20th auto-save and when restoring to a previous version.

Previewing and restoring a backup version

You can access your project backups from the project settings → backups.

Here, you can preview any backup to ensure you're restoring the correct version. Then, you can restore it to bring that backup back to life.

Restore a previous version of your site
Good to know: Just in case, we save the current version of your project when you restore to a previous version.