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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

Lesson info

Lesson info

Webflow's Add Elements Panel gives you quick, visual access to the various elements you can add to your project, from layout elements like divs to complex prebuilt components likes sliders. In this video, we'll cover the structure of the Add Elements Panel, and how to add elements to your designs by:

  1. ‍Clicking
  2. ‍Dragging on to the canvas
  3. ‍Dragging into the Navigator

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Want to dig into the project featured in this video and see how everything is put together? We've included the full project we used when making this lesson, and we've shared the link right under this very paragraph.

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The Elements Panel gives us quick, visual access to the various elements we can add right to our project.

And the panel is divided into simple categories like Typography, which contains all our elements related to text. And Forms, which contains all the building blocks we need to create a form.

There are three ways to add elements from the Elements Panel to the page we’re on:

1. We can select an existing element on the page, and simply go to Add. And click on the element we want to add. Since we selected the heading there, the paragraph was simply added right underneath the heading. Want a button right under that? We can go to Add, and click the button. Same idea here. Let’s delete those for now.

Another thing to note: we saw that when our heading was selected, by clicking to add the Paragraph element, the paragraph was added right underneath. It was added right under the heading.

If you select a parent element, like a div block or a container, and you click to add a new element? That element will be placed inside the parent element right at the bottom.

So. Clicking an element from the Elements Panel. That's...the first way.

Number 2 — the second way to add elements from the Elements Panel, is by dragging and dropping right onto the Canvas.

And as we're dragging in this paragraph, the orange indicator tells us where we're placing it: which is right inside the container. And our new element — its position is indicated in blue. We can also see its position in the Navigator. So we can see exactly where we’re dropping that. We can always move this later. We can move it around. But that’s dragging and dropping onto the Canvas.

The third way is incredibly precise. And that’s using the Navigator. And since we have our full hierarchy — our visual outline here, with precision we can drag and drop right from the Elements Panel into the Navigator.

So. From the Elements Panel, we can click right on the element we want, or we can drag an element onto the Canvas, or we can drag an element right into the Navigator. That's how we use...the Elements Panel.