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Delete comments from a showcased site

Permanently remove unwanted comments from a showcased site.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
A Webflow showcased site highlights 3 comments made on the project — any or all of which can be deleted by the project owner or team member. 

Delete comments from a showcased project

You’ve showcased your site and people have left you lots of love in the comment section of your showcased project. But maybe a couple of those comments are slightly inappropriate or appear to be spam. Not to worry — you can delete any unwanted comments that display alongside your showcased project. 

To remove a comment from a showcased site:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your Webflow account — either as the owner of the project or as a team member who has access to the project
  2. Go to your showcased project (e.g., 
  3. Go to the comment you’d like to remove and press Delete to immediately remove the comment 
Three comments are displayed in a Webflow showcased site. The delete button is highlighted, showing what to press when a project owner or team member would like to delete a comment. 

Be careful removing comments. Once you delete a comment, it cannot be restored. 

Note: You can also find your showcased project’s link by going to your project’s Settings, scrolling down to the Showcase section, and clicking on the showcased project link in this section.
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