If you are subscribed to a Professional or Team Plan, you can remove Webflow branding from your published/exported site source code, and you can hide the Webflow badge on your staging sites. You are also able to hide the Webflow badge on your site if you have a hosting plan

You can turn it off under the General tab in your Project Settings. Then, make sure to publish your site.

Webflow branding that is removed automatically:

When the Hide Branding is turned OFF, the comment crediting Webflow at the top of your site’s HTML is removed automatically.

<!-- This site was created in Webflow. http://www.webflow.com-->

Also, the export files are renamed as follows:

  • webflow.Js → your-site-name.js
  • Webflow.css → components.css

Webflow branding that can be altered/removed manually:

When subscribed to a Professional Plan or higher, you can use the Webflow Designer under a different license allowing you to alter your exported site freely. Below are some things you can alter or remove manually after export:

IMPORTANT: All changes to exported Webflow code are done at your own risk and are outside the scope of Webflow support. For questions regarding custom code, please submit a post here.

  • Class names (e.g. “w-slider” can be changed to “ys-slider”)
  • Meta data
  • Site and Page ID’s