Turn a collection list into a responsive grid

Create a Collection list and turn it into a responsive grid layout that adjusts to fit different screen sizes.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

Grid 2.0 makes it easy to turn content-driven lists like CMS collections, ecommerce product lists, and search result pages into responsive grids. And with the magic of Auto-fit, you can have "smart" grid layouts that automatically adjust to fit different screen sizes.

To create this layout, you'll:

  1. Add a collection list and connect it to one of your collections
  2. Design the collection list item
  3. Apply the grid layout to the collection list
  4. Edit the grid and set up auto-fit to create a fully responsive grid
  5. Make sure the grid is indeed fully responsive on all devices
Auto-fit makes your grid responsive without the need to adjust the grid on devices.