Sharing a project's read-only link


Anyone with the read-only link of your project can explore your project. Any changes made while in read-only mode will not be saved. This is helpful when you need design advice or when you need help troubleshooting an issue in your project.

To enable the read-only link of your project, go to your project settings and click the share button in the top toolbar. Then, switch the read-only link "On."

Good to know
  • ‍Disabling the read-only link will deactivate the link.
  • Each time you enable the read-only share link of a project, the exact same url is enabled. So, if you've previously shared this link on the Webflow Forum or in private, the link will be active again once you enable it.
  • Copying and pasting between projects doesn't work in read-only mode. You need write-access to copy paste between projects.
  • When experiencing issues, you can also send this link to the Webflow Customer Support help desk along with your description and screenshots of the issue. This way you'll get better, faster help.