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The video field is a CMS field used in Collections. It allows you to add videos via a link from third-party online video hosts Vimeo and YouTube.


Want to follow along with this lesson? Fortunately, we created a zip file which contains all the assets used in the project, and we've included that link 

right here


The Video field is straightforward: from here, we can paste in any link to a YouTube or Vimeo Video. This can be done, of course, in the CMS — or by a collaborator or client in the Editor.

So how do we implement? On the Canvas, we can drag in a Video element from the Elements panel into any Collection List or Collection Page. And when we do that, we can get the Video right from our collection — we can bind it right to the Video field.

Of course, we can format this just as we'd format the element if it was using a static YouTube link. In this case, the Video link that's used here is bound to the Video field in the item that's being referenced.

That's the Video field.

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