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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

Lesson info

Lesson info

Webflow's text link element lets you quickly and easily add text-only links to your site, such as those in your site's main nav or footer. This video will show you how to: 

  1. Add a text link, whether as a block or inline element‍
  2. ‍Manage link settings
  3. ‍Styling text links, either as one-offs with unique classes, or en masse by styling all links

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Want to dig into the project featured in this video and see how everything is put together? We've included the full project we used when making this lesson, and we've shared the link right under this very paragraph.

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Text Links are standalone links. And they're used when the only thing you need that text element for is a link.

For example, let's say we want to add a new line under this paragraph. If we do a paragraph element — if we drop in a paragraph, now we have a paragraph with a link inside — and this might not be what you want search engines or screen readers to see.

Delete this one, and let's try a Text link.

Drag that in, and it's still a link with some text inside. Change the text? It's still a link.

You know what else is just a link with text inside? If you guessed Video, you're wrong. If you guessed Button, you're absolutely right. It's just a link with text inside. And by default, it's been styled. A button is just a text link that's been styled. It has a background color and padding inside, which of course we can modify.

And that pesky blue text with the underline? Of course we can override that by applying a specific class to an element, but what if we want to change styling on all links?

With any link in our project selected, we can go on over to All Links and make style changes there. Here we can make changes to the default way links show up in our project: this can include buttons, link blocks, nav links. And when you add a link, or drag in a new text link, it’ll take style cues from the changes we made to All Links.

Text links: great for any time you need a text element that’s a link.