Team account

Create or join a team account to collaborate with other designers on the same projects.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

A Team account allows you to work collaboratively with other Webflow users from a shared dashboard managed and billed separately from your individual Webflow account. You can invite anyone with a Webflow account, free or paid, to any Team to give them access to projects in your team dashboard.

Team plans include all features from the Pro account plan. You’ll use the same login credentials to access both your individual account dashboard and your team dashboard.

In this lesson:
  1. Create a Team account
  2. Manage team members
  3. Manage team seats
  4. Cancel a Team plan
  5. Join or leave a team

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Create a team account

If you need to collaborate with more designers on the same projects, you can create an additional dashboard within your Webflow account. To create a Team account:

  1. Add a team plan
  2. Fill in your team information
  3. Select the monthly or yearly billing frequency
  4. Choose your plan (the number of seats you need)
  5. Add your Team billing information (This is different from your Individual plan billing info)

Manage team members

Once you’ve created your team, you can invite as many team members as your plan allows. You can also remove members or transfer ownership of a team to another member.

Add team members

To invite members, go to Account > Teams > Choose your team. Under the Overview tab → Invite members section, type in the email address of the person you want to invite and invite them to the team.

Invite team members

If you need more team members, add more seats.

Remove team members

Your team members will be listed under the Overview tab of your Team settings. To remove a team member, click Remove next to their name in the list.

⚠️ By removing a team member, you ARE NOT downgrading your team plan. To downgrade your team plan, remove team seats.

Remove a team member

Transfer team ownership

If you wish to transfer ownership of team to another team member:

  1. Log in to your Team Dashboard from the current owner’s account
  2. Go to the Overview tab → Members section
  3. Click “make owner” next to the new owner’s name
Transfer ownership of a team

Manage team seats

If you need more team members or less, you can upgrade or downgrade your Team plan from your Team settings.

  1. Go to Account > Teams > Choose your team
  2. Under the Overview tab > Invite members section, click “Manage your Team plan”
  3. Specify the number of seats you want and update your Team plan.

If you do not need any members other than yourself, you can set the seat number to 1.

Cancel a Team plan

If you do not need your team plan anymore, transfer all your projects from your Team dashboard to your individual dashboard, or delete them if you do not need them anymore. Then, cancel your plan from your Team Settings >  Billing tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and cancel your plan.

Cancel your team plan

Join or leave a team

To join a team created by another Webflow user, the owner of the team should send you an invitation to join. You can leave any team you're not the owner of from the Team overview page. Click "Leave" in from of your name.

Leave a team

Common questions about teams

Do I need an individual account to be part of a team?

You need at least a free Webflow account to create or join a team.

Do I need to pay for two plans: account and team?

Team and Individual plans are created, managed, and billed separately. When working on projects in their Team dashboard, Team plan members have access to all of Webflow’s features, regardless of individual account type. So, you may pay only for a Team plan and stay on a Free Individual plan.

If you need premium features for your individual dashboard, you can upgrade your individual account. If you only need a team plan, you can transfer your projects to your team and downgrade your Individual plan if you no longer need it.

How come I can't work on the same project as another team member?

Each team member can work on a different project at the same time but not the same project. You can also work on the same project if one team member uses the Designer and another adds content via the Editor.

Currently, this is the way Webflow has it set up to ensure that there are no conflicts (class names, saving...) during the design process.

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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!