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Lesson info

Lesson info

Once you’ve created a Collection, you can go back and edit Collection items, fields, and other settings — even after the project has been published.

This video will cover:

  1. Editing Collection settings 
  2. Editing individual Collection items 
  3. Bulk-editing Collection items

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Once a collection has been created, or even down the road once your project has been completed and published, you can go in at any time and make a number of changes to a collection or any of the items inside.

We'll quickly cover modifying collection settings, making changes to individual items inside our collection, and even changing multiple items at once.

Let's do collection settings.

From the CMS, we can go into our collection. From our collection we can access Settings. We can change the name, do all the other stuff you'd expect here. But here's something that's really practical, especially if we're iterating on this while working with collaborators.

We can modify the label on each field — but we can also add or modify the help text to make everything really clear. Or we can re-sort our fields to change the order.

When we're done? We can save.

Let's go in and change collection items. We can do this from the Editor, too, but for now, let's go into our collection root, and click to select a specific item. Modify content? We can do this on each item individually. Just like before, when we're done? We can save.

That's modifying individual items. Finally, let's make changes on multiple items.

This is really practical when we're sorting the content we want displayed or featured in our project...or even in the CMS. We can show or hide our fields here using the pin icon.

We can even go in and select multiple items at once. We can mark these as Draft (maybe they're not ready for primetime). We could go back in and select other items. Of course, we can archive these (pull them from our project but keep them accessible from the CMS in the Designer and the Editor). Or, we can go back in one more time and select a couple of those items we just archived, and unarchive them so they publish again.

Want something more permanent? We can select a few of these and delete. Or, if you've just had it and want to start from scratch? Or maybe you've been using dummy content and you're ready to start with real content? You can delete everything.

So. We can go in at any time and modify our collection settings, we can change content for individual items, and we can select and modify multiple items at once.