Manage site plans

Learn how to add, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel your site plans.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

You can manage the site plan (previously called hosting plan) of any project from your project settings > hosting tab.

project settings → hosting tab →  hosting plans
Before you get started, learn all about Webflow site plans.
In this lesson
  1. See the current site plan
  2. Add or upgrade a site plan
  3. Downgrade a site plan
  4. Cancel a site plan
  5. Transfer a site plan

See the current site plan

In project settings > hosting, you'll see your current site plan. If you haven't already added hosting to this project, your current plan will be the Staging plan.

This is your current site plan. You can upgrade it or cancel it at any time.

Add or upgrade a site plan

Here, also, you'll be able to activate hosting on this project. Or, if the project already has an active hosting, you can upgrade the plan following the steps below.

Must know 
Hosting fees will be charged on the default credit card associated with your account unless you add Client Billing.

Which site plan do I need?

If you do not need to host your site on a custom domain and do not need more pages and features, you can use the free staging plan to publish your site on the subdomain. On this plan, you can test CMS and Ecommerce features.

If you do not need any CMS or Ecommerce features in your site, you can add a basic plan.

Sites that use CMS features need CMS or Business Hosting

The Basic Hosting option will be disabled for those sites. If you do not need any CMS functionality in your project, remove all CMS content from your project to re-enable the Basic Hosting option.

Ecommerce sites will need an Ecommerce plan

You won't be able to enable checkout without an active Ecommerce plan.

How can I add a site plan or upgrade my current plan?

To add hosting to a project, or to upgrade your current plan:

  1. Select the billing type: annual or monthly — with annual pricing; you can pay for a plan upfront at a discounted rate, saving up to 20% compared to paying monthly.
  2. Add the site plan you want
‍Add or upgrade a Webflow hosting plan
Add or upgrade a site plan by selecting the payment frequency and adding the site plan.
  1. OPTIONAL: Set up Client Billing
  2. Confirm the purchase
Pro tip

Before you confirm the purchase of your site plan, please make sure that:

  1. You are adding the right site plan to the right project
  2. You have selected the right billing cycle (annual or monthly)
  3. The amount charged is correct
  4. The card being charged is the right one.
Check the billing period, the amount charged, and the card charged before adding the site plan

How can I switch the billing cycle of your current plan?

If you are on a monthly plan, you can switch to an annual billing cycle on your current plan. Just select annual and then click switch to yearly.

Switch to an annual hosting cycle

And if you are on an annual plan, you can switch to a monthly billing cycle on your current plan. Just select monthly and then click switch to monthly.

Downgrade a site plan

If you use CMS in your project, you can downgrade your site plan from Business hosting to CMS hosting. If you're not using CMS, you can also downgrade from any of the higher plans to the Basic plan. Canceling your site plan will downgrade the plan to the Staging plan.

Must know
If you downgrade an Ecommerce Plan to a Website Plan, the checkout will be disabled IMMEDIATELY. You need to have an active Ecommerce plan to enable checkout and have a functional store on your domain.

How can I downgrade my plan?

Like upgrading, to downgrade your plan:

  1. Select the billing typeannual or monthly 
  2. Downgrade to the plan you want
  3. OPTIONAL: Set up Client Billing
  4. Confirm the switch to the lower plan
If you're already on an annual plan, you won't be able to switch to a monthly cycle when downgrading your site plan.

Why can't I downgrade my plan to the Basic plan?

The Basic plan isn't available for sites that use CMS features. To enable the Basic plan for a CMS site, remove all CMS features from your site, including content collaborators under your Project settings > Editor tab. Then, you can add or downgrade to the Basic site plan.

Cancel a site plan

Canceling your premium site plan will downgrade you to the Staging plan, immediately remove your custom domains, and unpublish your site from both its custom domains and the Webflow staging site.

How can I cancel my site plan?

When you decide to cancel to your site/hosting plan, choose the Billing tab within your project where you can:

  1. Check the billing info to make sure you're canceling hosting for the right project
  2. Cancel the hosting
  3. Confirm the cancelation triggering your website to unpublish immediately
Canceling a site plan will immediately remove your custom domains and unpublish your site from its custom domains and the Webflow staging site.

Proration & refund

Webflow prorates plan changes based on your existing balance, credits, and how many days you have left in your billing cycle. 

If you plan to make any changes to your plan, you can find out your prorated charge with this equation: (current monthly price ÷ 30) x (days left in billing period) - (new monthly price ÷ 30) x (days left in billing period) = Total prorated charge or credit

We do not provide refunds; please refer to section 9 of our Terms of Service. If you have questions about this policy, contact us.

Transfer a site plan

Currently, it's not possible to transfer a site plan from one site to another using the Dashboard UI, but this is something we plan to support in the future.

If you wish to transfer a site plan from one project in your dashboard to another in the same dashboard, please contact support. If the site receiving the plan is eligible to use the transferred plan, the team can transfer the plan for you.

The other option is to cancel the site plan for the old site and start a separate site plan on the new site. For more details, contact support.

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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!