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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

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Lesson info

The link field is a CMS field used in Collections to dynamically add links to your designs.

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A Link (from a Link field) can be used in any number of ways throughout a project. Obviously, we use it to enter Links. But we can bind this content — this Link from each Collection item — to any number of elements like: Normal Buttons, Link Blocks, 3D Buttons, Text Links, Animated Buttons, and of course...Impossible-to-select Buttons

With any of these kinds of elements selected (here's a button), we can simply get the URL right from our Collection. Of course, we also have the option to open the URL in a new tab.

The second Collection option here is to get the actual text for our Link (our button) from our Collection as well. This is a great opportunity to use the Plain Text field. And that plain text will replace the text inside the button if you'd like to use it.

But what's really great is how we can use the actual presence of a Link to show something specific. Let's say we have an organization and a good number of people in our organization have Facebook pages. A number of people don't. We'd only want to show the Facebook Link if they actually have a Facebook page.

We can add and configure a Facebook Link for everyone who has one — and bind that Link to the appropriate field. But here's the mind blowing moment: We can add a condition. We can say "Hey, the element is visible when...the Link (that Facebook Link) is set." So only team members who have a Link added will actually show up with the little Facebook icon. Super powerful.

So. Links: Great for buttons and text Links and Link blocks — they can Link you to any URL you enter.