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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

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Lesson info

Webflow's block quote element lets you add and style a quotation, usually from an external source, such as an excerpt from a book or an article.

In this video, we'll show you how to add and style block quotes, either as one-off unique classes, or by styling the All Blockquotes Tag.

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Block Quotes. These can be added when we want to bring in a block of text that's quoting another source — an excerpt, for example.

Just like all text-based content, we can double-click to edit, and we can paste in our excerpt.

Now by default, a Block Quote is also styled with both padding and a left border which helps distinguish the block from other paragraphs. And you can override or build upon these styles to create exactly what you're looking to visually achieve.

Just like links, with any Block Quote selected, we can select and style the All Blockquotes tag, changing the default style for block quotes we bring into our project.

That's a Block Quote. Blocks of text that let us add a longer-form quote or excerpt right into our project.