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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

Lesson info

Lesson info

Webflow's Asset panel lets you upload and manage all your website’s assets, including:

  1. ‍PNGs
  2. ‍JPEGs / JPGs
  3. ‍GIFs
  4. ‍SVGs
  5. ‍PDFs
  6. ‍DOCs / DOCXs
  7. ‍XLSs / XLSXs
  8. ‍PPTs / PPTXs
  9. ‍TXTs
  10. ‍CSVs

In this video, we'll show you how to use the Asset panel to add and manage these filetypes on your site.

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Want to dig into the project featured in this video and see how everything is put together? We've included the full project we used when making this lesson, and we've shared the link right under this very paragraph.

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