Account billing

Manage your billing details in the Webflow Dashboard.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
Note: We're transitioning to Workspaces, and are in the process of updating our content. Visit the blog post to read more about these updates and changes, or visit our updated lesson on how to manage your Workspace.

You can access all your account billing details for your individual account, including the card on file in Account settings > Billing.

The billing tab of the account settings page starts with the Billing & Invoicing info section.
In this lesson:
  1. Billing and invoicing info
  2. Active card
  3. Subscriptions
  4. Invoices
  5. Account history
  6. Manage your plan

Billing and invoicing info

In this section, you can update your billing and invoicing info.

The billing & invoicing info section includes text input fields for Company and Company profile. There is a switch button to turn on/off "Get a text when payments fail?" and a save changes button.

If you belong to a company, enter your company name to include it in billing receipts.

Company profile

Add additional company information that you want to appear on invoices (e.g. address, PO number, etc.) in the Company profile section in your Account settings.

The company, company profile and save changes button sections are highlighted in the Billing & Invoicing Info section of the billing tab.
Get a text when payments fail

If you turn this on, you'll receive a text message to let you know about billing issues.

Active card

Under the active card section of your billing settings, you'll see the credit card that's linked to your account. You can change the card or update its details here as well.

The Active card includes the last four digits of the card used, the expiration date and a blue update card button next to a gray remove credit card button.

Learn about: supported card types and how to change the card on file


Also under the billing tab, you will see details about your current account plan and all site plans in your individual dashboard.

Account plan subscriptions

This section contains details about your current Designer account plan:

  • Account plan Name
  • Subscription status
  • Billing period start
  • Billing period end

Site plan subscriptions

Individual site plans are displayed in this section. These have different invoices than your account plan subscriptions. The information for each subscription includes:

  • Site name — Click this to access that site's billing settings
  • Plan name — Name of the active site plan
  • Price/frequency — How much you’re paying and when (per month or per year)
  • Billing start and end dates — When was the plan renewed and when does it expire
  • Latest invoice — Click the text link labeled “download” to download the latest invoice for this subscription
Site plan subscriptions will have different invoices than your plan subscriptions.


Your account billing page shows you the upcoming invoice, the one due next. It also lists all previous invoices with details that make it easy for you to locate any past invoice.

Upcoming invoice

The upcoming invoice section provides details about your next payment. Information such as the date of your upcoming payment, the items that will appear in your invoice and the amount due for this invoice. You can also see the number of day until the next payment attempt.

Past invoices

All your past invoices will be listed under this section. Here you can see the date, the item(s), and the total amount paid for each invoice.

  • ‍To open any past invoice, you can click on the amount paid. You can also download the invoice by clicking on the Download as PDF link.
  • To access the billing information for a specific site, you can click on the name of the site in the invoice item column.

Account history

This section is a timeline of events such as account or site plan upgrades/downgrades, deletion of sites, issued invoices and payment statuses.

Manage your plan

In the "Manage your plan" section, you can apply an account discount promo code or cancel your account subscription.

The Manage Your Plan section includes a blue Apply Promo Code button and a gray Cancel Subscription button.

Apply promo code

If you have a promo code from one of our campaigns or from one of our partners, you can apply it to your account under the manage your plan section of your billing settings.

  1. Click Apply promo code
  2. Enter your coupon code
  3. Click Apply
Currently, we do not offer discounts for nonprofit organizations but would love to hear your feedback on this.

Cancel subscription

If you wish to cancel your paid plan, click cancel subscription. You'll be downgraded to the free Starter plan at the end of your billing period. If you wish to cancel the plan immediately, please contact support.