Send signup form submissions to MailChimp

Learn how to integrate MailChimp with your Webflow site to simplify your email marketing efforts.

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You can create a signup form and connect it to a MailChimp list to gather contacts and segment them for your email marketing campaigns in 2 steps:

  1. Grab the action URL from MailChimp
  2. Configure your form to send the emails to your MailChimp list
Getting started
  1. If you haven't already, create a MailChimp account and a MailChimp list.
  2. Ensure you have a form on your page
  3. Ensure there's at least one input field (set to required) with the name set to email or EMAIL and the text type set to email.
Webflow form
You can configure form input settings from the element's settings panel on the right

Step 1 — Grab the action URL

  1. In your MailChimp dashboard, access your Lists
  2. Go into the list you want to connect to your form
  3. Copy the Embedded Form Code from the Signup froms tab
  4. Paste the code in any text editor
  5. Search for “form action”
  6. Copy the form action URL (the string of text between the quotation marks — in this case, everything from https:// to b63c)
Copy the form action URL

Step 2 — Configure the form

  1. Return to your project in the Webflow Designer
  2. Select the form on the canvas
  3. Go to the Form Settings section under the Settings tab
  4. Paste the action URL you just copied into the Action field
  5. Set the Method to POST
  6. Publish your site
Connect your Webflow form to a Mailchimp list
Good to know
To collect more data from your signup forms, learn how to use MailChimp's List and Signup Form Fields. Note that form field names must match the MailChimp tags. Make sure they are in ALL CAPS.
MailChimp has single and double opt-in available. Make sure you're following the email opt-in confirmation process when testing your integration.
You can also create and embed a MailChimp form using the Embed element.
If you run into any issues with the embedded form, check out MailChimp’s documentation on Troubleshooting the Embedded Signup Form.