HTML attributes can be used to append additional information to your elements — they define characteristics of an HTML element. Learn more about HTML attributes.

Adding custom attributes

  • Select the element you want to add the custom attribute to
  • Go to the Settings Panel (D)
  • Add a custom attribute
Custom HTML attributes in Webflow
  • Specify the name and the value
Adding custom HTML attributes in Webflow
  • Click Save

An example: adding tooltips

Let's say you want a tooltip to appear when a user hovers over an element. You can add a custom attribute to this element with the tooltip text.

  • Select the element
  • Go to the Settings Panel (D)
  • Add a custom attribute
  • Set the name to "title"
  • Set the value to be the tooltip text you want to appear on hover
Adding a custom tooltip to an element in Webflow
  • Click Save
Must know
  • Some custom attributes are reserved since you can already create them using the native Webflow elements, styles, and settings. For example, you cannot add an <a> attribute, but you can create a link using any of the link elements and link settings.