Billing info, subscription details, and invoice history

You can access your account billing details in the Billing tab in your Account Settings.

To access your Team billing settings, see the team billing section bellow.

Billing settings

Under the billing tab, you will see the following sections and information:

  • ‍Billing and invoicing info
  • Plan subscription
  • ‍Hosting subscriptions
  • Upcoming invoice
  • Past invoices
  • ‍Account history
  • Manage your plan where you can update your payment method and cancel your account plan

Billing and invoicing info

Here you can add your Company name, Company Profile, and other company information to be shown on invoices, such as address, PO Box number, etc. Any information that you want to be added to your billing receipts.

You can check the Receiving receipts checkbox if you wish to receive your billing receipts via email. If checked, a receipt email will be sent to the email associated with your Webflow account on every successful charge.

In this section, you will also see the credit card linked to your account.

Webflow Account Billing Info
Account Billing & Invoicing Info

Plan subscription

This section contains details about your current Designer Account Plan:

  • Account Plan Name
  • Subscription Status
  • Billing Period Start
  • Billing Period End

Hosting subscriptions

Individual site hosting subscriptions are displayed under this section. The information for each subscription includes:

  • Site name
  • Hosting Plan Name
  • Subscription Status
  • Billing Period Start
  • Billing Period End
Hosting subscriptions will have different invoices than your plan subscriptions.

Upcoming invoice

The upcoming invoice section provides details about your next payment. Information such as the date of your upcoming payment, the items that will appear in your invoice and the amount due for this invoice. You can also the number of day until the next payment attempt.

Past invoices

All your past invoices will be listed under this section. Here you can see the date, the item(s), and the total amount paid for each invoice.

  • ‍To open any past invoice, you can click on the amount paid. You can also download the invoice by clicking on the Download as PDF link.
  • To access the billing information for a specific site, you can click on the name of the site in the invoice item column.

Account history

This section is a timeline of events such as account or hosting plan upgrades/downgrades, deletion of sites, issued invoices and payment statuses.

Manage your plan

Apply a promo code

If you have a discount or a promo coupon code, you can apply it here: 

  1. Click Apply Promo coupon
  2. Enter your promo code 
  3. Click Apply

Update credit card

Under this section also, you can change the credit card associated with your plan:

  1. Click Update Card
  2. Enter the details of the new card
  3. Click Save
The credit card you add to your individual account plan will be used for all hosting plans added to sites in your individual dashboard. To add a different card, you can set up Client Billing.

Cancel subscription

If you wish to cancel your plan, you can click Cancel Subscription.

If you cancel your plan, you'll be downgraded to the free Starter plan at the end of your billing period.

If you wish to cancel the plan immediately, please contact support.

Team billing

To access the billing information for any of your teams:

  1. Go to Teams from the Account menu
  2. Select your Team
  3. Go to the Billing tab
Team billing inof in Webflow
Team billing details

On this page, you will see information related to billing and invoices such as your active credit card, plan subscription details, upcoming invoice, and account history.

Manage your plan

At the bottom of the team billing page, you can manage your credit card and your team plan.

Update credit card

To change the credit card associated with your team plan:

  1. Click Update Card
  2. Enter the details of the new card
  3. Click Save
Your Team credit card is separate from your individual account credit card.

Cancel plan

If you wish to cancel your plan:

  1. Click Cancel Plan
  2. Type CANCEL in the modal
  3. Click Cancel Plan

The plan will be canceled instantly and your team will be archived. You can reactivate your team by updating your card information by revisiting the team billing page.