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Lesson info

The rich text field is a CMS field used in Collections. Us it to give collaborators all the text formatting options they expect from a writing tool, including bold, italics, inline images, links, and more. In this video, we'll explain how to add and use rich text fields in your Webflow CMS Collections.

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If a Plain Text field is for creating short-form, unformatted text, a Rich Text field is for long-form content that you can format from the CMS in the Designer, or from the Editor.

Rather than continue talking, let's continue talking while looking at how we can add and format rich content inside a Rich Text field.

Right now we're in the Editor. And we have an extraordinary amount of freedom here to create and format our content. When would we use this?

Blog posts. Articles. Anytime we need sectioned-off content. Biographies. Anything really. And we can control the styling for the rich text content — each kind of element (like headings, lists) — we can do this in the Designer using the Rich Text Element. That way collaborators can focus on content — and that content conforms to your design.

So the goal — or the question becomes this: how do we have a Rich Text Element in our project get the Rich Text content from our collection? Well, we drag a Rich Text Element into our project, and we get the Rich Text content from our collection. We cover the Rich Text Element itself in separate content we've created, so if you want a crash course on working with Rich Text inside the Designer, we highly recommend checking that out.

Rich Text field: Perfect for long-form text, or any time you want collaborators to have the ability to format this type of content.