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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

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Lesson info

The plain text field is a CMS field you can use in your Collections. This field is best used for basic textual content that doesn't need special formatting like headings, inline styles, or inline media like images or video. In this video, we'll explain how to add and use plain text fields in your Webflow CMS Collections.

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Plain Text is usually short-form text that you're planning to use or style in a project. It's important to note that Plain Text isn't an actual HTML element. Instead, this text is plain and un-styled: it will become bound to whatever element you specify. For instance:

A Plain Text field can have this text in it. We can use that text anywhere we want inside a Collection List or a Collection Page. Here's a heading: let's get the text from that Plain Text field. Hey, look: it worked perfectly. Here's a button: let's get the text from that same Plain Text field. Another success.

Plain Text can be bound — essentially it can feed into anything you want. This can include headings, and paragraphs, and links, and text blocks for things like category tags, and those little sale banners people like to put in the corners of product images.

Plain Text: any time you need a block of unformatted text to use in an element.