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Lesson info

The phone field is a CMS field used in Collections. The phone field lets you and Collaborators capture and link to a phone number from Collection items. You can use this field to display a phone number as text or turn it into an active link so visitors can place a call with a click or a tap.

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The Phone field lets us capture and link to a phone number from items inside a collection. This can be implemented in any number of ways, but it's particularly useful when creating a Phone link which works on devices that can place calls.

So here's how to set it up:

1. Add the Phone field to your collection

2. Select any element that lets you set a link

3. Under the Link Settings, choose Phone Number

4. Get the Phone number from the Phone field you just created.

This will make sure that the Phone number related to the relevant collection item is triggered with the link.

And that's it! That's using the Phone field from the CMS.