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CSS grid landing page tutorial (36min)

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Lesson info

The option field is a CMS field used in Collections. It gives collaborators a list of predefined values to choose from.

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The option field is built for any number of options you can select from a dropdown. Things like selecting from blog categories. Or choosing a preferred language. Setting a location — like what continent you're on. It's also great if you need to get info regarding gender, or maybe the department someone works in. Or something that contains fixed numbers. Or even number ranges like how many employees. And of course, we can do coffee sizes. And no, 31 ounces is not a typo.

A couple ways to practically use this. Number one: on the Canvas here, we can bind a text element to this field, getting the option text from the collection.

Of course, number two: we can also use a filter to display Collection List items based on the option we selected. In Filters, we'll add a filter. And when we select our option field from the dropdown, there are two approaches to doing this:

Equals or Does Not Equal will check against the Option field for a particular selection. And Is Set or Is Not Set simply looks for whether an option has been set in this field at all.

Now if we find ourselves adding options that like to stick together? Maybe we want to link a color to each blog category? We could just create a collection for blog categories. And instead of an option field, we could use a reference or multi-reference field.

But option fields are nice for giving us multiple, preset options which we can bind to text elements and use to filter content (or even create conditions) in a Collection List.