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Lesson info

The email field is a CMS field used in Collections that lets you include an email address in a Collection item. You can use this email address to display the email as text or turn it into an active link so visitors can send an email with a click or a tap.

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Email is one of those concepts rooted dramatic theory, going back to Aristotle's Poetics. Today, it's commonly used to contact team members, customer service, sales departments — you name it. And just like a Link field, an Email field can be used in elements that accept links.

If a collection contains an Email field, you can access it under the Link Settings on any link. Simply choose Get Email from the collection.

But check this out: we can type in a standard subject line, or we can even automatically pull text from a Plain Text field to appear in the Email subject.

Either way, our link will now trigger an Email using the Email address for the corresponding collection item.

But we're going to take this one step further. Some of our blog post authors here have emails listed, so obviously this works fine, but some of them don't. Let's add a condition. And we're using conditional visibility so that we only show this link block — if the email field has been set. (If the author has an email listed).

And just like that, the email link blocks for Claus and Astrid have disappeared. So we're only showing email links for those who have emails set. And that's the email field.