Webflow Certifications

Get early access to the first official exams

As we prepare to launch Webflow Certifications, we're opening the first three certification exams in public beta. This means you can get a head start earning official Webflow Certifications before the full launch.

So how does it work?

By taking these beta exams, you agree to:

Not license or resell these certification exams

Not license or resell these certification exams

Taking these beta exams does not mean:

You will receive any Webflow discount or voucher

You will receive any specific feedback regarding your results

You are a Webflow Expert upon certification — Apply here

The exams

Each beta exam has 25 multiple choice and true-or-false questions to gauge your knowledge of web layout and the Webflow CMS. Earn an official Webflow Certificate with a score of 88% or higher. If you don’t receive a passing score, you can brush up on Webflow University and retake an exam up to 2 more times.

Note: These beta exams include questions with images not yet accessible for folks with visual disabilities.

There's more coming

We're rolling out more exams very shortly. Sign up to get early access to additional Webflow Certification exams.

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