Yes, this course is from the future.

Our goal is simple: we want to empower designers and agencies from all disciplines (UX, brand, product, graphic, fashion, industrial, and short track speed skating) to build a CMS-driven portfolio that starts off 2021 with something that will generate leads — and potentially tear a hole in the very fabric of space and time.

We included everything we learned about content strategy, information architecture, and quantum mechanics to create a course unlike any other course in the past, present, or future. That’s because this course was developed in December of 2021, and brought back in time using proprietary Webflow technology.

The challenge

Each of the 21 lessons will launch with a connected Webflow challenge. Whether it’s the ultimate navbar or an interaction that causes your screen to physically melt, designers from around the world can share and show off their designs.

There's more coming

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