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Transition your account to Workspaces

Unlock new billing and publishing permissions, and simplify team growth by transitioning your account to Workspaces.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

With the introduction of Workspaces in February 2022 to eliminate the divide between individual and Team accounts in Webflow, all existing customers need to transition their accounts to Workspaces.

In this lesson we’ll cover what you can expect during the transition to Workspaces, including:

  1. What Workspaces are
  2. How to get Workspaces access
  3. How to transition to Workspaces
  4. Workspace pricing details
  5. How to change your Workspace plan

What Workspaces are

To make creating, growing, and modifying your team within Webflow smoother, we’ve consolidated individual and Team account plans into a unified Workspace plan that lets you seamlessly grow from a team of 1 to any size you need. 

This means that everyone new to Webflow begins with a free Starter Workspace, and can upgrade that Workspace and add teammates as needed. There’s also no need to create a separate Team account, move sites over to it, or deal with time-consuming account setup as you’re scaling adoption of Webflow.

Workspaces also come with new roles and permissions for billing and publishing, which you can read more about in our Workspace roles and permissions lesson or in our announcement blog post.

How to get Workspace access

From February through the rest of 2022, we’ll prompt account owners to transition to a Workspace via in-Dashboard notifications, banners, and email. Once you’re notified, we’ll provide a guided transition flow with plan recommendations based on your account size and usage. After you transition to Workspaces you’ll have access to the new roles and permissions included with your plan, and you can also change your Workspace plan as you see fit.

This transition will happen in phased groups, with free accounts switching first and paid and team accounts transitioning at the end of the process. Once your group starts the transition process, you will have approximately 90 days to make the switch on your own with the help of the guided transition flow we provide. After your transition window has passed, accounts will be transitioned to an automatically selected Workspace plan, based on team size and feature usage.

Rollout phasing details

Note: We’re excited you want to transition to Workspaces as soon as you can, but early migration is not possible. Please wait for your rollout window to open to begin the transition to Workspaces.

For new accounts

If you’ve just signed up for a brand new Webflow account, you’ll be the first to transition. You will begin to see Workspaces in a gradual rollout over the next several weeks. (Welcome to Webflow!)

For existing accounts

If you already have a Webflow account, you’ll transition to a Starter, Core, Growth, or Enterprise Workspace plan as follows:

  • Customers with no paid plans (or only site plans) will be automatically transitioned to a free Starter Workspace between late February and mid-June.
  • Customers with individual account plans will be prompted to switch to the appropriate Workspace plan based on site count and account complexity.
  • Customers with team plans will be prompted to transition to Growth Workspace plans.
  • Enterprise customers will hear from their customer success manager, who will handle this switch on your behalf and be in touch to walk through questions and demo the new features.

After you transition to Workspaces you’ll have access to the new roles and permissions included with your plan. 

Learn more about Workspace roles and permissions and how to Manage your Workspace to fit your needs.

How to transition to a Workspace

You will not need to take any action if you signed up for a Webflow account that already uses Workspaces, or if you have a free account (or only site plans). If you have a free account (or only site plans), we’ll automatically switch you to a free Starter Workspace plan.

If you have a paid Lite, Pro, or Team account, Workspaces will be made available to you based on the phased group you fall under. If you’re an account owner, you’ll receive an email letting you know when you have access, and will see a banner at the top of your Dashboard prompting you to make the switch. You will complete the transition via a guided flow in your account Dashboard. 

If you’re the owner of a paid account, once your account is eligible to transition to Workspaces, you’ll see a banner at the top of your Dashboard prompting you to switch.

The banner will also show the date by which account owners need to make the switch. After that date has passed, we’ll automatically transition your account to the appropriate Workspace plan based on team size and feature usage.

You will need to initiate the transition before the date indicated in your Dashboard. Accounts that haven’t been manually transitioned by an account owner will automatically transition to the appropriate Workspace plan on this date.

Once you begin the transition process, you’ll see a recommended Workspace plan based on your team size and feature usage, as well as how this new Workspace plan compares with your existing account features and pricing.

This is an example of what a recommended Workspace plan may look like. On the left side of this modal you’ll see the features of your new Workspace plan. On the right side of the modal you’ll see details about your new Workspace plan’s pricing as compared to your existing pricing.  
Good to know: You will be charged a prorated amount for your Workspace plan once you decide to switch, and your bill will include any previously applied discounts. 

When you make the transition you’ll see the new Workspace plan you’ll be transitioned to, as well as the changes to your subscription pricing. Keep in mind that your Workspace plan overview may look different than the example above, based on the type of account you currently have in place.

Once you make the change, you’ll receive confirmation letting you know the transition has been made. Your new Workspace will give you access to a simpler team building experience and new Workspace roles and permissions.

You’ll receive confirmation of success after you’ve switched to a Workspace plan.

Workspace pricing details

Workspaces come with a new pricing model that is similar to existing account and Team plans — with the main benefit being that you no longer experience a divide between individual and team accounts. 

Like Team plans today, Workspaces are priced per-seat — but unlike current Team plan pricing, Workspaces come in multiple tiers that offer different options for role and site-based permissions and team sizes. 

New customers will begin with a free Starter Workspace that has similar functionality to the current free “Starter” account plan. 

As you create more sites and need to invite another member to work with you, you can upgrade to a Core Workspace, which allows for 3 seats, up to 10 free, unhosted sites, and unlocks billing permissions.  

When your team scales you can upgrade to a Growth Workspace to enable unlimited free, unhosted sites, unlock up to 9 total seats, and get access to brand new publishing permissions for both teammates and per-site guest editors. Finally, as your team grows further you can work with our Webflow Enterprise team directly to unlock additional seats, security features, and dedicated support and customer success.

Note: The 9 seat limit on the Growth Workspace plan is not a firm limit that requires all customers to upgrade to Enterprise. Instead we use this threshold as an opportunity to check in with high usage customers at this stage and see if Webflow Enterprise might be a good fit based on anticipated scale of both seats and hosted sites on Webflow.

For a detailed comparison of the different features available on different Workspace plans, check out our pricing page.

How to change your Workspace plan

After you make the transition to Workspaces, you can easily change from the plan we’ve recommended to another, provided your account usage does not exceed the limits of the plan you want to switch to.

To change your Workspace plan, go to your Dashboard>Workspace settings>Billing tab. Click Update your Workspace to select the plan you’d like to switch to. Learn more about how to Manage your Workspace in our dedicated lesson.

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