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Team dashboard overview

Use the team dashboard to access, edit, and manage your Webflow projects.

Note: We're transitioning to Workspaces, and are in the process of updating our content. Visit the blog post to read more about these updates and changes, or visit our updated Manage your Workspace lesson.
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

From the team dashboard, you and your team can access, edit, and manage your Webflow projects. You can also transfer projects and templates from your individual dashboard to a team dashboard, where your team can collaborate.

In this lesson:

  1. Access the team dashboard
  2. Learn the difference between personal and team projects
  3. Share a project and invite collaborators
  4. Transfer projects between dashboards
  5. Transfer projects to a team template

Access the team dashboard

To access the dashboard, click the dropdown next to your name on the top left where you’ll find each team you belong to. 

That’s it — that’s how you access the dashboard!

Learn the difference between personal and team projects

Now let’s take a look at the difference between projects in the team dashboard vs. a personal dashboard. 

When a project is in a team dashboard, anyone who’s a member of that team has access — they can view, edit, and publish.

The projects in your personal dashboard are private — only you can see and modify them. 

Share a project and invite collaborators

If you create a project you want to share, it’s important to know the difference between sharing and inviting someone to collaborate.

You don’t need a team account to share a read-only version of your project. Toggle the Share read-only link to on to create a link you can copy and share. 

You can do this from inside the project settings in the dashboard.

You can also do this from inside a project.

People with this link can see your project and even make changes, but none of those changes will be saved.

You can invite collaborators in the same dropdown menu.

Inviting collaborators is a good way to give clients access to the Webflow Editor where they can edit content. They won’t have access to the Webflow Designer, meaning they won’t be able to modify layouts or make style changes. 

Collaborators don’t need a team account or even a Webflow account to accept an invitation. But to invite collaborators, you need to have an active hosting plan for your project. 

Transfer projects between dashboards

You can transfer a personal project on your personal dashboard to and from a team or another Webflow user by selecting the settings and clicking the Transfer Project icon in the top right.

You can then choose to transfer your project To a user or To a team.

If you’re transferring a project back to your personal dashboard from a team dashboard, select To a user and type in your own email (the same one associated with your Webflow login) and click Transfer to [email address]

Transfer projects to a team template

Since templates show up in our personal dashboard when we add them, all we have to do is transfer that template to a team. 

And that’s your team dashboard overview!

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