Share a read-only link

Learn how to share your Webflow project with a read-only link. Find out how this is different from inviting collaborators and setting up team accounts.

This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

In this lesson:

  1. Share a read-only link
  2. Invite collaborators
  3. Use team accounts

Share a read-only link

If you’d like to share your project on the Webflow forum or with a colleague, you’ll probably want to protect your work by sharing a read-only link. 

From the sharing menu in the top right (to the left of Publish), toggle the Share read-only link to on. Now you can copy the link and share it wherever you like.

The people you share this link with will be able to see your project, but changes won’t be saved.

Invite collaborators

Inviting collaborators is a great option when you have clients who want to add or update content. 

To invite collaborators, go into that same sharing menu and click Invite Collaborators. 

Now, under Collaborators, choose Add a Collaborator, enter an email address, and click Generate Invite Link. 

This link will give collaborators access to the Editor where they’ll be able to see and edit content. Any changes they make will be saved. 

Collaborators won’t have access to the Designer, so they won’t be able to make changes to layout, styles, or interactions.

Use team accounts

Team accounts let you invite team members to the Team Dashboard where a group of people can access a shared area, create, and edit projects. 

To create a team account, head to your Webflow Dashboard. In the top right, choose Teams from the Account dropdown menu.

Now you can create a new team or add people to an existing one. 

Go ahead and share your Webflow project!

Each option gives collaborators a different level of access:

  1. Read-only link: Collaborators can see the project
  2. Collaborator link: Collaborators can see the project and edit content in the Editor
  3. Team account: Collaborators can see the project, edit content, and change layout, styles, and interactions
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